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My new favorite pineapple

I like autumn, it’s one of my favorite seasons. Ideas seem to find their way easily, after being bottled up during the warmest months. Every time the temperature drops below 25° I can think again. Summer in Italy is never kind. A few weeks ago I woke up with the thought of combining watercolors with charcoal pencils. It seemed crazy, but I could imagine the result. My problem at first was almost “ethical”: I was spoiling the cleanest and most transparent medium with the dirtiest thing I could find. A bit like putting pineapple on a pizza! (I strongly advise you against asking for this topping in a real Italian restaurant, it’s a big no-no here.) Though I’m glad I’ve I tried in the end. I wasn’t confident that I could finish the piece and I choose a paper that was too thin, so with several washes of watercolor it started to buckle and it buckled even more as I fixed the charcoal with a spray. At that point though, I was already sharing progress pictures on my Instagram stories and I cou

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